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What do you Expect from your Decorator?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Decorating has progressed over the years since i was an apprentice, sure the days of getting a house decorated as quickly as possible are still prevalent in some forms of companies and establishments, as money talks when trying to work on a budget for local councils.

But for those of us that run a small business and wish to keep a private client base happy year after year we have to move with the times and improve.

Standing still isn't an option, so with new techniques, products and a call from clients to have more information at their fingertips, we find ourselves looking to have something over the next guy when it comes to decorating.

Recently i decided to improve my decorating services as i felt clients needed a complete start to finish service.

Local DIY stores offer colour consultation to how a room may look, so why is the decorator not offering that service? we already supply the paint, and over the years we have seen thousands of finished projects in all forms of domestic and retail\commercial.

We now find more call to be the middle man between client and scaffolder or plumber\electrician when a complete room overhaul is needed.

So having undertaken interior design courses and home staging modules it was decided to move forward and offer more for the client.

Decorators have the responsibility of being the finishing trade whatever has gone on before us, we have to make that look professional and expertly finished by the end in order to put our name to it, so why not be the complete service.

Consultation, colour decisions, schedule of works, liaising with trades to get timings right, looking after the customer care, providing visual concepts to show the client how it will look, right through to completion and tidy up, not to mention the after care should anything need re addressing.

Decorators have gone from the tea boys of the building site to mini building firms and consultants in just over just a few decades and we need to be up to speed to bring the best service possible for clients.


Another long Evening of colour selections, study and composing Estimates..

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