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Decorating & Design Services

Here is a description of what you can expect from start to finish when taking an ABsolutely Decorating & Design Project 


When you contact us with the view to having some work estimated, we will arrange a suitable day\time to meet you and discuss your needs.

we will be on hand to advise and help you with product knowledge for the project in hand.

So if its a redecoration of a lounge or the repair and redecoration of your external, we will provide a detailed estimate to explain what we will do, followed by a total cost of labour & materials.

Once you've made the decision to go ahead, we will arrange a start date to suit and arrive promptly on the day to help you achieve your desired finish.


Do you look at the room you wish to have decorated, but would love to have some ideas of colours and schemes to suit the space and the furniture\lighting\fixtures within it? Maybe its a new build and a blank canvas and you need inspiring? Maybe you have a project on going abroad and need someone English speaking to over see any projects until completion?

With our colour & Design service, we can arrange to meet you for an initial consultation, discussing the room and the vibe you are hoping to achieve, we will provide you with some questions that we will need answers too in order to achieve a better perseption of what you are looking for, then we will set about creating some colour schemes and mood boards based on the details our consultation has given us, should you need new fabrics, furniture, fittings etc, we can help to research and input our thoughts on to the mood boards too, this will create an overall vision\feel of the room to be revamped, and if accepted we will pursue to start and complete the vision you have chosen.

There will be an initial fee for the consultation and mood boards compiling, but you will receive 100% of the mood board service back once the estimate is accepted to carry out the works.

An estimate will be issued detailing the work and how it will be achieved, with a total cost for labour & materials cost  


If you have had trouble selling your biggest asset, then maybe home staging is the service for you?

Maybe you are thinking of putting your home on the market and need to know the best way to make it appeal to buyers coming through the door on viewings or open house.

if you contact us we will arrange to come around and discuss each area with a view to modernising or revamping areas to help appeal to a range of new buyers.

After our discussion and visit, we can compile a list of things that we consider needs doing to the property in order to give it a better chance on the market, a budget can be discussed and after compiling our estimate, in which we will state the work needed and any labour & materials cost, we will arrange a date to suit all involved and commence work.


As part of the interior decorating & design service, we can achieve specialist finishes that includes all wallpaper hanging, from foils to fabrics, wide and standard vinyls, anaglyptas and blown vinyls..Nothing is beyond our Professional Decorating Expertise.

We can create stippling effects and colour washes along with large mural papers and Glaze and wipe effects to create a dated look on frames or furniture.

should you require furniture decoration or have thought about inquiring regards your old kitchen units and an up-cycle, then why not contact us.

We take a lot of pride in discussing what can be done on a budget to make an existing fitting look modern and fresh.

Similar to the interior\exterior process, we will arrange to meet to hear your needs, then after our discussions, an estimate total will be provided using labour & materials costs.


When carrying out work for clients it's quite common that issues may arise regarding other trades & the need to involve them.

We offer help with that and have a wide contact list of quality tradesmen to help with unseen issues or on the fly changes that a client may decide they need.

Below are a few services we offer along with our decorations & design.

Bespoke joinery

We have a great connection of joiners who have produced bespoke units for bedrooms, offices and areas in need or alternative storage or use.

Separate estimates can be asked for if you require this service.

Electrical work

Need lights or sockets moved prior to decorations, we can get them organised and send them to you to discuss.

A separate estimate will be provided from the contractor for this service


When working at great height, we need an expert in scaffolding erection, we have contacts to help with this and can put them your way upon request.

 A separate estimate will be issued by the contractor for this service should you decide to use them. 


Radiators often get thought of last when arranging to decorate a room. With our contacts we can get the radiators dropped or moved, maybe you would like a new more modern fixture, or a new bathroom suite before the decorator appears, maybe working in conjunction with the plumber is an option.

Either way we can put some of the best quality tradesmen your way.

 A separate estimate supplied by contractor will be issued for this.

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